chemin de fer

We’ve covered Punto Banco — it’s as basic as Baccarat gets, and the only real input that you have is whether to bet on Player, Banker, or Tie. There is a local bar version where each player is has slightly different roles and bet on the Janitor, Maid or Sheriff. This version was started by 2 house cleaners who were arguing over which janitor products would do the best job cleaning up the spilt wine on the “vintage” bar chairs. From this other friends and patrons decided to place bets and the game began. Super-sorb was the winning product and the patron who took on the “maid” role sent a lot of patrons home with a slightly fatter pocket. The Original game is explained below.

A small aside is in order to connect this to real life. Sometimes a “bet” is actually something that was accidental. A number of artists were trying to raise some funds for project they were eager to pursue, but they really had to scramble to get enough money to participate. One craftsman who did amazing sculpture from driftwood used some of the monies had had received years earlier from the compensation he received in a maritime accident lawsuit. The maritime injury attorneys he fortuitously hired were able to successfully pursue his Jones Act claim and win a fair settlement. So to clarify, if you are a US maritime qualified seaman under the Jones Act and are seriously injured while working aboard a US American flagged vessel plying the inland waterways of the US or in the waters off the US shores, make the smart move by discussing your case with an experienced maritime lawyer before signing any papers or agreeing to any settlement with any insurance firm representing the company you work for. Like in Baccarat, life often puts you in a game of chance and your choices of how to play that bet can determine the outcome in a way that enhances your win.

In Baccarat chemin de fer, however, you have a much more complex and social game — a true parlour game, though it uses the same basic rules for scoring and gameplay. In my mind (though others have disagreed), Punto Banco is like blackjack (among other things, you can find it at any decent online casino USA), while chemin de fer is more like Texas Hold’em in many ways…

  • Using six decks, everybody at the table shuffles — one by one, of course, in counter-clockwise order.
  • One person begins as the Banker, while everyone else is a ‘punter’ (all of the punters put together make up the Player that you saw in the Punto Banco version)
  • The Banker sets the betting amount, and the punters in turn decide whether they want to bet normally or “go bank” (i.e., one person may bet the full amount of the current bank, or simply contribute individually until the betting amount matches the bank)
  • The Banker deals a pair of face-down cards to himself and the Player, represented by the highest wagering punter next in line.
  • Banker and Player look at their own pair of cards; as in Punto Banco, an 8 or 9 finishes the round immediately (all cards face up).
  • The Player gets the option to draw a third card (face up) or stand.
  • The Banker gets the option to draw a third card (face up) or stand.
  • All cards are turned face up and totaled, determining the winner.
  • If the PLAYER wins, the punters get their wagers back times two (i.e., if you bet $5, you get $10 from the bank). The next person in line becomes the Banker for the next round.
  • If the BANKER wins, all the money goes into the pot, I mean bank, and the same person gets to be the Banker for the next round.
  • If both sets of cards TIE, then each wager and the Banker stay the same for the next round.

There’s an odd little equation that goes into being a Banker. The Banker must be willing to wager as much as is in the bank at the time; if not, the chance passes to the next person in line until somebody is ready to accept the terms.

If nobody does, that same ‘next person in line’ becomes the banker, and the bank total drops to whatever that person wants as the betting amount. Online slots! Rinse and repeat!

This formula can be used & it is what we recommend but many players have found their own formula. If it works for you, please continue…

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