Baccarat Essentials

The timeless game of Baccarat is a thing of beauty and a joy forever. My wife would probably disagree since she prefers to find online slots games for US players at where she can locate player friendly sites on her ipad at home or while we are traveling on her phone when she has wifi. And if we are in Las Vegas, I never see her. She is either glued to one slot machine where she is winning or she is flitting with her best gal pal from one casino to another playing a variety of slots. Me, on the other hand prefer Baccarat. And I bet you’re probably far more interested in the gritty details of the game rather than the aesthetic overview. So here we go:

  • Regardless of the version of Baccarat that you play, there are only three outcomes: Player, Banker, and Tie.

Before we go any further, I want to make one thing perfectly clear: Player does not mean an actual player, and Banker does not mean the house. Tie, however, does mean a tie…but only in the sense of the same score, not something that you’d wear around your neck (such as when you’re going to work, getting married, or perhaps even visiting online casino USA).

Nope, those three terms have nothing to do with anything except your bet. You’re betting on which of those three is going to be the outcome of the game. Either the Banker or the Player will have the highest score, or both have have the same score…and the lucky so-and-so who bet on Tie will take the money and run.

  • Scoring is even simpler in Baccarat than blackjack, which may be a second-cousin of the game. Aces are worth one (and that’s it), and all the numbered cards are worth their number (2 is worth two points, 7 is worth seven, and so on) except for 10, which is worth zero. zilch. nada. goose egg. nothing.

This is because Baccarat is uncomfortable with anything in the tens place, so it just ignores whatever number might be living there. This goes for the 10 card, but also for the sum of two or more cards. So if you have a six and a seven, you may be tempted to think that they’re worth 13, but they’re only worth 3. Got it? If not, you may prefer to play some online slots instead.

All face cards are also worth nothing, which kinda makes you wonder why they left them in the deck at all. I suppose it has something to do with the odds.

Baccarat gets its name from the WORST possible score (zero. zilch. nada. goose egg.).

And now you know the essentials. Stay tuned for gameplay, because that’s where things get really messy!

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Baccarat is one of the more complicated games in poker, but it has benefits as well. Many people feel that this game is a little bit more sophisticated and if you really look at the players to compare you will find that there are definite differences. Some casinos do not even offer this game in the same area as the other betting games keeping it private thereby giving it the illusion of exclusivity. Players are often drawn to this quality & the game is often full.

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