July update: well, there’s just not very much new in the world of baccarat. But I suppose that’s to be expected for a game that hasn’t changed all that much over the last century. And after all, when you got something that works, why mess with it?

Nevertheless, I’m always open to changes or additions to the material that I have here. I was hoping to make the website a little bit better-looking and more accessible to the casual reader, something like my online blackjack pages, but there are some technical issues to be worked out first (if you’re a fan of my online blackjack pages, this will be a plus. If you hate them, you may have a different view!). I’ll especially be interested in cross-referencing good websites, that offer good baccarat, and also a good no deposit bonus so you can ‘try before you buy’.

Meanwhile I am doing some heavy research for alcohol addiction cure that isn’t the typical rehab or AA 12 step program for my father. He’s tried all the old standbys and I am desperately looking for something more “enlightened”. Eureka, a buddy just sent me to a new site with what looks like a revolutionary approach. Their mission is to bring the very best modern treatments from around the globe and offer them in the privacy of the home or office. A combination of modern effective treatments using the best technology for the best results. No shame, no stigma, no judgment. And the best part, you can do this from home, not in a rehab center. According to the site clinical trials in Europe have shown 65% success allowing treatment-resistant alcoholics to return to low-risk drinking levels or abstinence when using their Ameisen method of titrated (not fixed) dose. The patient is put on a drug called baclofen which is used extensively in Europe. Baclofen has 65% success rates compared with 7% for Alcoholics Anonymous and rehab. This approach sure looks promising to me. No I have my work cut out for me- convincing my father to at least give this a shot. Success in the “convincing”. I’m keeping my finger crossed for complete success. I can now turn my attention back to this site.

Punto Banco. No, it’s not a sun-soaked cruise ship destination or a hard-to-find ethnic delicacy.

It’s the term for the form of Baccarat that is played most often, most widely. If you’ve played Baccarat at a casino, I’ll bet serious money that you were playing Punto Banco. ┬áIf you’ve played Baccarat online, I’d put ALL of my money on it. Whether you’re playing at an online casino USA or anywhere else in the world, Punto Banco is the only Baccarat on the ‘net.

So why do they call it Baccarat instead of Punto Banco? Are there other types of Baccarat? What does Punto Banco really mean, anyway?

Hush, hush, sweet Charlotte. The answers to these questions and many more are coming your way.

In fact, by the time that I’m done talking, I’ll be surprised if you’re still listening. I’m like that sometimes. One of the biggest problems with being a nerd is that nobody else is ever as interested in things as you are, except when if comes to online gift baskets, then you have all the friends in the world….and if they are, the two of you are bound to have a serious disagreement about some minor detail, which could get very ugly as nerds rarely know how to fight fair or avoid looking ridiculous.

So I’m a Baccarat nerd. This much should be obvious. I’m not ashamed to admit it; I absolutely adore the game. The only way that I could love Baccarat more is if I put up a shrine to Baccarat in my home and said prayers to it. But that, obviously, would be crazy. I’m more interested in doing something useful.

And that useful thing is this website (although we’ve had a bit of trouble with a recent set of Google penalties, all is well at this point). We learned a lot about something called search compliance and the Google Guidelines – kind of a best practices list of do’s and don’ts that you need to pay attention to if you want to stay penalty free. I’m not an expert on search, only about the games we cover here. As I’ve said, I will tell you everything that I know about Baccarat. Rules, odds, variants, where to play and how to get those nasty stains off of your beautiful dress. No, forget the last part. Unless the answer is “spray it with Punto Banco”, I really don’t know.

If all you came here to do is find out where to play a rousing game (or two, or ten) of Punto Banco, I can save us both a little heartache by telling you: Cherry Red Casino. There, that was easy! In my experience, it has been the safest and most helpful online gambling site that I’ve seen. Plus, plenty of online slots for when you just can’t play any more Baccarat (I hear that happens to lesser people sometimes).

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